Why Working Out Your Legs is Absolutely Essential

Your legs are responsible for jumping, running, kicking, walking and a myriad of other activities. Your legs are a powerhouse and a mechanism for literally getting you where you want to go. To keep your legs in top shape, you must take care of them. Walking and running are good for you and the main muscles in your legs, but there are specific exercises you can do to achieve truly sexy legs! These exercises, found in my Sexy Legs Program, include those important techniques for other muscles in your legs.

Strong Legs Prevent injury

It is imperative to work out your legs. But why is it essential to do these specific exercises? Apart from building a more balanced and symmetrical physique, completing these exercises will contribute to safer and stronger joints. In addition, the resistance and weight-bearing activities will build bone density, which is crucial for strong bones. Doing a strong leg workout will result in better mobility and balance, which is essential for not only day-to-day activities, but in maintaining that same mobility and strength as you age. This translates to prevention and management of painful and debilitating conditions, such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Working out your legs from different angles can prevent muscle injuries by increasing flexibility. You also strengthen smaller support muscles, ligaments, and connective tissue. When these elements are weak, they are responsible for most athletic injuries.

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Finesse your entire body

Leg exercises work out other muscles in the body. A great example is the squat. The squat tones the legs, but also your abs, arms, and booty. When you build up muscle in the legs, you build up more muscles over your entire body. And then muscle can do something it is very good at… burning fat! So when you gain muscle, you also gain an efficient way for burning calories. For every pound of muscle you gain, you burn an additional 50-70 calories a day. To be a faster runner or higher jumper, working out your legs can give you that boost to achieve your best time or jump higher than ever before!

A Little-Known Fact about Intense Exercises

When you do an intense squat you release the hormone testosterone. When your testosterone levels rise, you build muscle more quickly not only in your legs, but all over
your body.

Work Out that Waste

A great benefit to doing leg workouts, especially squats, is the effect it has on the excretory system. Powerful thrusts downwards compact the tissues, organs, and intestines, which thoroughly regulates the digestive and excretive systems by more efficiently pumping nutrition through your body, and removing waste. Sometimes it is tempting to exercise muscles that are more easily seen, like your arms or abs. Working out those showier muscles may very well result in an imbalanced physique, and less muscle gain over all. And do you really want toned arms and a ripped stomach paired with thin and flabby legs?

Working out legs is difficult, but worth it. With my Sexy Legs Program, you’ll have everything you’ll need to get started on the right foot. So don’t be lazy, commit to the leg workout!

Below is one of my recent YouTube videos where I go over a workout that is guaranteed to grow your glutes and hamstrings.

Full Length Workout:

SS: Cable Pulls w/bands 4 sets of 12, Cable Walk Outs 4×12
SS: Leg Extensions 4×15 dropset every set, Wide Walking Lunges 4×10 each leg
SS: Hip Thrusts on Smith 4×12, Split Squats 4×10 each leg

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