Using Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can be used for many exercises including;

Stretching and mobility

Resistance band stretches can help you overcome the hardest part of stretching — feeling like you are limited by the range of motion in your muscles with the movements required by some advanced exercises.

By simply looping a band around your ankle can create a different movement pattern (because the pressure of pulling comes at a different angle — from your ankle instead of behind your knee), which may allow you to generate more range of motion.

It’s not magic, but most people will find they can get a better stretch with the resistance band variation. That’s because a resistance band can help you go deeper into a stretch, provide support, or help reduce a load of your body weight when you perform an exercise.

Warm-ups and muscle activation

Resistance band exercises can be used to strengthen or activate hard-to-hit muscles such as your shoulders.

It’s a great way to warm up your shoulders. Remember how bands help create more tension throughout the movement? Tension means more blood flow. More blood flow means your muscles will feel warm.

When performing this movement, make sure you do not have too much slack in the band, because if you do that takes the tension away from your shoulders. The band pull-apart is also effective because it works your shoulders in a pattern that is often overlooked.

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