Tips for sticking to your fitness goals

You’ve heard it time and time again but the new year really is an ideal time to start working towards your fitness goals. Whether you’re a dedicated gym goer or you’re just starting out when it comes to getting in shape, here’s my advice for sticking to your January fitness goals.

1. Make them realistic.
Whether it’s how much weight you want to be able to lift by the end of this year or the number of lbs you want to lose, make sure it’s a target you’ll actually be able to achieve so you don’t feel overwhelmed by it and fall at the first hurdle straight away.

2. Do your research
Take the time to research exercises, gyms, routines etc. that will work for you and suit your lifestyle. There’s no point signing up to a gym in January, realising you hate working out with other people and giving up before the month is over. Taking some time to look into exactly how you plan to reach your goals and avoiding any rash commitments means you’ll be more comfortable and likely to enjoy yourself along the way.

3. Switch things up
If you’re bored when it comes to physical activity, there’s no way you’ll keep going for the rest of the year never mind any longer than that. Make sure that whatever fitness goal you’re working towards, the path to getting there is diverse and keeps you on your toes.

4. Set yourself a challenge
While I highly recommend making your goals realistic, setting them slightly out of your comfort zone can be just as effective at helping them stick. Things like charity races and 5ks are great things to sign up to so you’ve got a commitment you can’t back out of. Just make sure you follow the rest of my advice when it comes to sticking to your goals and routine after the event itself.

5. Write them down
Write down the goals you’re working towards on sticky notes and put them in important places – inside the fridge is a great one if you’re working on your diet for example. They could be short-term like ‘go to the gym 3 times this week’ or more long-term like being able to do a certain number of push ups, either way, having physical reminders around the house is another great way to keep you motivated.

6. Quit the Christmas chocolate
It’s no secret that diet is just as big a part of getting in shape as working out is and post-Christmas is often the hardest time to get on track with your food. That’s why I put together this post on sticking to your diet over the festive season. Once you’ve mastered the diet as well as the fitness routine, you’ll start to see real results that keep you motivated well into the new year.

If you’ve got any tips or advice for staying motivated when it comes to working out, I’d love to hear them. Comment below.

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