The Benefits of a Total Body Workout

When most women think about their bodies, they tend to think about specific areas they either like or don’t like. They might be proud of their tight, toned arms or lean stomach, but feel self-conscious about that one special place where all the fat seems to accumulate or their skin inexplicably sags. By far, most people don’t join a gym, hire a trainer, or start an at-home exercise program for better overall health. They do it because they want something about their body improved, whether it be their booty, arms, legs, or something else that bothers them.

The thing a lot of lovely ladies don’t realize is that it’s very rare that only one part of the body needs a proper workout. Your body is a highly interconnected network, and what happens in one area is very much influenced by what is going on everywhere else. That’s why it’s so important to never forego a total body workout in favor of just targeting one area.

Burn Fat Fast with a Whole Body Approach

The way your body burns fat is determined by a lot of factors, including how much physical exertion you are putting on it everywhere. If you only work one set of muscles, you only get a fraction of the fat-busting power you could be tapping into. You owe it to yourself to get your metabolism churning as much as possible, through a complete workout. Working out your whole body also completely changes the lasting positive emotional effects of exercise. You know that wonderful endorphin rush you get when you get a nice strong burn going? Your brain rewards you many times over when you involve every part of your body in the self-improvement process. It’s the best natural high out there, and part of the reason why so many people are addicted to exercise.

Keep Your Body Consistent

Another important element of looking healthy and attractive is something that is often overlooked: balance and proportion. It’s actually a little jarring to see someone with overdeveloped muscles in their biceps if everything else is lagging behind. It makes it too obvious that you only put attention in one spot, instead of being the kind of person who values great shape everywhere. Show off your best self by being someone who slims down or bulks up evenly and attractively.

Avoid Overworking Yourself

One of the biggest dangers of becoming a frequent exerciser is the risk of overworking a particular muscle group. It’s easy to forget that you are literally tearing muscle every time you do a squat or pump a dumbbell. Without any variation in the muscle groups you target, you are putting yourself at risk for injury from strain without enough recovery time. By switching it up, and alternating between arms, legs, booty, and more, you give every part of yourself the chance it needs to heal before feeling the burn again. This maximizes your results and minimizes the chance of injury.

So although most of my clients come to me looking for my at-home booty workout program, or maybe advice for toning their arms, or strengthening their legs. I stress to each and every one of them how important it is to work everything. If you’ve found success with one of my programs, you can be sure the other three will impress you similarly. Combine with my HIIT at Home workouts, you’ll find the resources you need to build a whole new body in very little time, with almost no equipment, and without leaving your home or hiring a trainer. There’s no reason not to get your whole body on board the track to absolute health.

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