Sexy Legs at the gym

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  • Video Demonstrations for every exercise
  • Cues on how to correctly do movements
  • Complimentary Ab Routine
  • Digital Download Access for Phone & Computer
  • Nutrition Tips
  • Supplement Recommendations
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7 reviews for Sexy Legs at the gym

  1. Najh Cartagena

    This is my second week using this program, I totally love it, I’m starting to see the results, the exercises are so different, this routine is super fun and totally friendly if you’re a beginner at the gym, try it!! You won’t regret it ?❤️

  2. Rachel

    I love that these programs can be used at home with dumbells, bands, or anything you have. Or they can be used in the gym with the sam equipment. These programs are so versatile and always leave me sore!!!

  3. Raquel (verified owner)

    Always sore the next day. Gonna start adding more weight to my exercises to continue feeling the burn.

  4. Lina (verified owner)

    I like program very much. Thank you

  5. Kaylee Packer (verified owner)

    Great Program – tough but worth it. Well written and gives a lot of guidance. Couldn’t be happier!

  6. Lauren Smith (verified owner)

    Stick with this program and you’ll definitely see results.

  7. Paula

    I absolutely loved this e-book! There are not pictures, but there are videos, which honestly I like that better because it actually tells you correct form. I watched the videos 2-3x before going to the gym. You definitely feel it, and I have seen results. I cannot recommend this program enough.

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