Pelvic Floor and Core Guide

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♡ brand new 8 week pelvic floor and core guide, only 2-3 workouts per week for real results

♡ learn all about the pelvic floor, why you need to be training it, proper breathing techniques, how to get stronger and what exact exercises to do

♡ photo and video demonstrations so you are never confused


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10 reviews for Pelvic Floor and Core Guide

  1. Stephanie

    This guide came at just the right time for me!! I had just finished pelvic floor therapy after having my second child and was cleared to get back into my typical routine. This ebook has empowered me to get back into strength training and inversions. It is easy to follow and I loved the education portion of it as well. I highly recommend using this ebook to strengthen your core and improve pelvic health.

  2. Nichole

    Highly recommend! I love how I it’s only a few times a week and I can fit it into my normal workout routine. And with no extra equipment needed its easy to do anywhere. Everything is clearly detailed and easy to follow.

  3. Marissa

    I love how you can squeeze this in during your lunch break!

  4. Brittany

    I have been spending the last 6-9months on learning about my pelvic floor and how to strengthen it. After 2 almost 10lbs babies I can’t even sneeze without peeing. When I found out Zoe had this program coming out I was so excited. I love how it provides lots of information on the pelvic floor, proper breathing and details on each workout and how to do them properly. Highly recommend!!

  5. Jennifer

    So excited to have this guide! After 3 pregnancies (the last being twins) I feel like I need to focus on my core and pelvic floor. The layout of the guide is super easy to follow and it doesn’t take very long to complete the workouts. Love how it’s all step by step with breathing techniques and prompts….Definitely recommended!

  6. Lisa

    No wonder I wasn’t seeing results! Going through the breathing techniques has been a game changer, not just for my ab workouts but my pelvic floor! Who knew?! I love how convenient it is as well! Definitely incorporating this in my workouts!!!

  7. Rebecca

    I always thought pelvic floor was only for post pregnancy and never realised how important it is for stabilising your core. I also never realised I was breathing completely wrong. Would highly recommend. So easy to add onto your everyday exercise routine.

  8. Shayla

    Super pumped to have started this journey! After 4 kids a leaky bladder is just the normal. No jumping jacks or laughing to hard for me lol! With this guide I can gain control over that again! I love that it’s simple to do before I start my Zbody workout for the day!

  9. Sarah Picciano

    Excited for this guide since I’m a first time mom and will be using this consistently! Hard to find a guide for this and so glad Zoe came out with it!

  10. Jenny

    Absolutely love this program! I’m in my 30s & feeling my muscles slowly drifting. Lately I’ve been off my workout game & this was a perfect way to ease me back in! I’ve been really intrigued by breathe work lately & appreciate its importance here. Very easy to follow & so happy I can fit the exercises in on a lunch break or first thing in the morning. Nice to have a YouTube guide as well🖤

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