Get A Bangin Booty With Bands

(25 customer reviews)


•Picture & Video demonstrations with every exercise
•Cues on how to properly perform exercises
•Digital Download Access for Phone or Computer
•Nutrition Tips
•Supplement Recommendations
•Can be added into current weight lifting routine
•Only equipment required is a set of mini loop bands
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25 reviews for Get A Bangin Booty With Bands

  1. Angelica

    Loved it! Felt it very much so the next day. So many variations with the bands kept workouts fun.

  2. Nicole Johnston

    This program is AMAZING! At first, my honest thought was it would be a great add on to any regular workout day, but once I started the program I realized it’s truly a workout of it’s own! The exercises target your glutes and using the bands gives you a unique kind of burn…and it’s GREAT. Absolutely love the program and will definitely continue using it to build my booty!

  3. Jess

    Great workouts that you can do anywhere, literally. And they really kicked my butt!

  4. Mari

    Absolutely loved it!!!

  5. Marshelle

    This is becoming my favorite of Zoe’s programs. Bands look easy but using them in addition to my lifting has made a big difference. I feel like I can target my butt more specifically with the bands. Absolutely loving it!

  6. Dana

    These work outs are great. You definitely feel the burn. I tried the work out on its own but will now add them into my other booty routines

  7. Nia Stuckey

    Love, love, Love! This new program. You really get a great booty workout with just bands! It’s amazing!

  8. Nia Stuckey

    Love, love, Love! This new program. You really get a great booty workout with just bands! It’s amazing!

  9. Jehlisah

    Such an amazing workout! If you have different resistance bands, this is easily a workout of its own. I felt my booty gains the same day with how sore I was and how tight my muscles were! Worth every penny!

  10. Adriana

    love the burn feeling while doing all exercises and i do feel it on the next day.

  11. Adriana

    love the burn feeling while doing all exercises and i do feel it on the next day.

  12. Kukka

    Absolutely loved it! This was/is an excellent addition to the Booty books and heavy lifting. I thought it would be “easy” but it made me work and I could feel the burrrrrrn!!

  13. Heather

    If you wanna feel that booty work, this is your program! I love how I am able to do this right at home, and the only equipment I need are some resistance bands! I know with this program I am absolutely targeting my glutes, which is something I sometimes struggle to do!

  14. Lauren

    Love these work outs! Using the bands in this workout is so much easier on my knees than using free weights and squats! You can for sure feel the burn with the booty bands!!!!

  15. Brit

    Absolutely love this program! I have all Zoe’s workout programs and this one does not disappoint. I was a little apprehensive at first, but I’m definitely feeling it! I love how convenient it is and can be done anywhere, (like work on my lunch break). So excited to continue reaching my fitness goals with the help of Zoe’s band workout.

  16. Kerri

    OMG – this kills (in the best way possible)! I can really feel all the muscles engaging. I find it easier in helping me keep better form as well! Please, I can take my bands on the road with me when I travel!

  17. Kelly

    Love this workout! I feel like I’m getting more of a workout than I do with weights and it’s easier on my knees.

  18. Nancy

    It’s amazing!! By just the first two workouts I’m already sweating like crazy. I love this program.

  19. Megan Bodtmann

    Amazing! Great light leg day workout, and also an amazing warm-up for heavier lifting days/BABB. It’s the perfect amount of challenge! I actually look forward to using this band routine! Thank you, Zoe!

  20. Heather

    This is one of my favorite workouts. Yes. I had some questions, like will it really work, or do I have time for this??? But…….LADIES its so worth buying!!!!!!! awesome workouts with in all levels of fitness. I have see my booty gain and cellulite start to go away…..
    I’m on month one, starting month two!!!!!!!

  21. Gigi Carpio

    This is no joke!!! The bands definitely have a way of making my booty feel EXTRA on fire. I love this so much!

  22. Sarah C

    Booty Bands workout- no joke!! I was skeptical at first, but within a few minutes Zoe had me on fire! This is the perfect workout to do when you don’t have accesss to weights or to do in between heavy lifting leg/booty days. I take my bands to the soccer field and do it while my daughter practices. Definitely worth the purchase!

  23. Alessia

    This is the first workout I have ever purchased online and I’m glad I did! This is definitely helping my booty!

  24. Alessia

    I’m so glad I bought this book! Makes me want to buy others

  25. Danielle

    This workout is AMAZING! Was expecting an easy workout but it’s definitely not!:) Got my butt kicked! It also was harder for me than the weight lifting for some reason. Going to keep using for forever <3

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