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  • Video Demonstrations for every exercise
  • Cues on how to correctly do movements
  • Complimentary Ab Routine
  • Digital Download Access for Phone & Computer
  • Nutrition Tips
  • Supplement Recommendations
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Never wonder what you should be doing at the gym ever again!

Quit winding down the clock with redundant cardio, or shelling out for personal trainers. Attack the gym with purpose! This package contains a ZBody program for every day of the week. By doing these in a cycle, you’ll give each muscle sector the strength training which is crucial to overall fitness. Then through the rest of the week, those sectors get time to recoup while you target others.

These dynamic programs blast away boredom as well as flab! With these packages, you get a new workout each month that will give you new ways to get the same sexy results. They also show you the exact way to customize your routine based on skill level, from beginners to gym regulars.

What we give you is a mission. What we take away are excuses. This package is the foundation of confidence at the gym. Once you learn it and love it, you’ll be able to work out – and live – on purpose.

16 reviews for Full Body Bundle – Gym

  1. Elisa

    This program is the best I’ve ever tried. It is the only program I was able to stick with. Each exercise is explained through videos and the workout plan is very well put together.

  2. Nataly

    Love Zoe arm and chest program. It makes you sweat ? a lot that you’ll be dead at the end. Did it for 1 month in a half but had to stop due to a recent car accident. Can’t wait to get back on track after I’m clear from my chiropractor ?‍⚕️.

  3. Julie

    I have gotten amazing results with the full gym program! They fit with my goals and make me feel mentally prepared to tackle the gym. It is by no means easy, but I have felt it is appropriate for all levels, as you can modify if needed (either based on abilities, or what is available at the gym). Zoe gives you tips on how to plan out your gym week as well, which I find super helpful on those days that its hard to get motivated. All in all, great programs, and a great individual behind the programs that make it even better!

  4. Anna

    Love these programs!
    I ordered the at home and they worked perfectly to get me at I’ve but I really wanted to build muscle. This program is easy to follow and helps me stay motivated. Not to mention the online support group is fantastic

  5. Jess Smith

    I love being able to use these at the gym! What I love even more is having a bonus workout if I want to change it up. I am never stick to the same routine too long so this works perfect for me. Along with all of it, I feel great about myself after each workout. Zoe really knows how to help our body, not just your booty. (:

  6. Julie rongavilla

    I’ve been following Zoe for a long time before I pulled the trigger on purchasing as I was a bit hesitant but boy am I glad I did! All of her workouts are awesome and thorough especially since they have videos in case you’re not too sure. The workouts vary from beginner to advanced workouts & will definitely challenge you (even if you have been lifting for years like I have). You will not be disappointed!! I am starting Month 3 today and super excited as I am seeing awesome changes in my physique & strength. Thank you Zoe for the amazing program & being available via FB group when we have questions/comments regarding workouts. You are awesome! ❤

  7. Arlene

    I got this bundle program a few years ago! Am so happy I found this type of exercise I can just do at my home. As a mother of 2 it’s super hard to get in shape. All these programs have helped me work from my home with little equipment I already had & I definitely have a better butt than I had before I started these programs … love love love
    I started my fitness journey with these programs & don’t regret it!

  8. Alice Von Denes

    I LOVE all of Zoe’s programs!!!! They really do work! I’ve always been the athletic type, but when it comes to the gym I’m out of shape. Zoe’s ebooks got me back in to shape and feeling good!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!

  9. Dianne

    gives good overall view on what youll get when you purchase. plus if your new to the gym and afraid to ask for help this is a perfect way to learn new things for the whole body!!

  10. Sarah

    I bought these programs six weeks ago and they have been amazing! I was getting stuck with my workouts at the gym and these programs have been great and challenging! I can already feel my entire body getting stronger and every workout gets my heart rate up! I am back to enjoying the gym again so would highly recommend! I purchased the glute activation exercises as well and do these before every leg and glute workout and have definitely noticed the difference in my butt 😀 Definitely building a booty and sexy legs. Thank you Zoe for these fantastic programs 🙂

  11. Taylor

    I purchased this program after watching Zoo’s account and being in awe! I absolutely love this program! I had been working out in the gym seriously for 7 months and my results began to slow and things weren’t as hard and I wasn’t sure what to do, that’s when I bought the program! This program has challenged me in so many ways! It’s given me no exercises to conquer and it has Jumpstarted my results! I am starting to see lines in my arms and my abs are popping more! And thank goodness my butt is starting to take a shape other than square lol! I would definitely recommend this bundle program!!!

  12. Tamara Cato

    If you’re going to buy these programs BUNDLE from the beginning because once you get started you’re going to want to want more and more!! They’re tough as hell but the expression no pain, no gain has never been more relevant! Aside from the books, you get a lot of great tips and acccess to FB page with ladies going through everything with you and from all over the world so it’s awesome to have that support when you wanna slip up or if you have fallen off and need motivation. I feel like Zoe’s programs have been the most simple and effective way to get a workout in so even if you’re intimidated by machines or the gym at all, you can do her workouts at home too! I love it all! Thanks Zoe ❤️

  13. Shannon Burke

    This bundle is hands down the greatest group of workouts I have ever gotten my hands on! I saw such quick results and it keeps me motivated to continue going!

  14. Serena

    A program you can stick with! Zoe changes things up every four weeks, so just when your muscles get comfortable, you’re changing it up. This definitely helps with plateaus and keeps you building/toning/cutting. Loving seeing the great results! #thosebootygains

  15. Maddy Christner (verified owner)

    I’m currently starting my 2nd month of the gym programs and I’m loving it! I’m seeing great results. Definitely a challenge but so worth it.

  16. loveounjxo14 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love Zoe and all of her ebooks. I have this gym bundle, flexible dieting, and now the ab ebook. I’ve only been doing her workouts for 2 weeks but already see my butt is lifted and rounder. I also love the videos that go along with it. She is great at explaining exercises. I highly recommend all of Zoe’s ebooks and to follow her on social media!

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