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  • Video Demonstrations for every exercise
  • Cues on how to correctly do movements
  • Complimentary Ab Routine
  • Digital Download Access for Phone & Computer
  • Nutrition Tips
  • Supplement Recommendations
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My Programs are easy to follow and can be done at home with minimal equipment such as dumbbells. The workouts change each month, which not only keeps the boredom level low, but also ensures that you continually see the best results possible. I will walk you through all the need to know information regarding how to get started and how to keep seeing optimal results.

My Build a Better Booty, Sexy Arms, Sexy Legs, Chest & Back and HIIT at Home Programs are digital e-book that contains my top secret exercise routines that will help you get the FIRM, ROUND and TONED BOOTY and BODY you desire. Access to my program is delivered to your email inbox so you can start immediately!

55 reviews for Full Body Bundle – Home

  1. Kaleigh

    After seeing this on Instagram time and time again I finally decided to purchase it. And after two weeks I started to see results and started to feel so much better about myself and felt my body changing for the better. Following the workout schedule makes it so much easier to keep ontop of things and stay consistent.

  2. Jami

    This is the most amazing bundle ever!!! I thought I would never have a booty until I did this program. And my arms, back, and shoulders look so amazing! This is such a great deal and will completely change your body!!

  3. Jessica

    Love these workouts! Between school, work, and a toddler, I don’t have time to get to the gym. With these workouts though, I am able to get in a great workout in my home!

  4. Ashlie

    Loving the process of building a better BODY with these books. Super simple to follow along. And the most effective workouts I’ve ever done – and believe me I’ve tried a ton of them. I’ve struggled with image and illness my entire life. But I’ve had awesome results so far. None of the workouts have been too tough and put me out of commission. I go at my own pace and challenge myself with weights and resistance bands. I’m excited to keep going!

  5. Amanda Maggie Kemp

    Absolutely love these. I started this with no workout experience and loved every second of it. I do all of these although “at home” but i have managed to incorporate these into my gym workout too !

    From beginner to advanced, anyone can use them

  6. Alexandra Brown

    Amazing workout! I love that I can do all of these from home! Even though I couldn’t move for a couple of weeks the feeling was great! Thanks Zoe!! Can’t wait to see more amazing results.

  7. Megan

    I lov Zoe’s programs!!! I’ve lost 20lbs using them. Each exercise has step by step pictures and is really easy to follow. She adds a ton of info in each ebook about the best way to lose weight, eat right, etc. Its great info!! She’s great about quickly answering any questions you have too!

  8. Hazel

    I bought this bundle in 2016 to get in shape while my husband was deployed. It’s so easy to do at home because all your really need are weights and some bands. Now I incorporate the workouts at the gym at my apartment. I have noticed a difference in my booty, legs, and arms! Zoe is always available on FB or IG to answer any questions. I would recommend this bundle for anyone who wants to workout at home.

  9. Myra Morales

    Definitely recommend these to all my friends!!! They are simple exercises but believe me..they get the job done right. As a former athlete I remember looking at the exercises and thinking they were a piece of cake. I was sooo wrong. If you do it right halfway through your work out you’ll feel shaky and you’ll be so sore the next day. I saw huge improvements by the end of month one. I love how easy these are to do but I particularly love how accessible they are. I have done BABB 1 & 2, arms, legs, chest and back and HIIT.

  10. Sarah Davis

    I started this program at the beginning of the year and I love my results! I have so much more confidence now. The E books are easy to follow and the pictures and videos of the moves are very helpful to make sure your form is right. I’m so glad I decided to purchase these, it has truly changed my body and my dedication.

  11. Stephanie

    Amazing program! I followed the schedule for whole body and in 2 shorts months I noticed real results…Lift in my butt, less celulite and felt so much stronger. I can’t wait to complete the whole 3 months. I highly recommend!

  12. Cassandra

    I was very hesitant to buy workout books as most I’ve bought before were crap. I’m glad I bought these, my money was very well spent! My booty has never looked so good! I’m glad I bought these books. They were easy to follow which made working out easier and these are a good price. Take it from me who knew nothing about working out!

  13. Jana

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these programs! Easy to understand and the quick links to a youtube clip if you are unsure! Cannot recommend these programs high enough! I have learnt so much and I now have the confidence to go to the gym. The progress I have made is amazing, not only have I lost weight, but I have gained muscle!
    Thankyou Zoe, for making these amazing programs!

  14. Cassi

    I would say I’m an advanced lifter, but after having a back injury I thought I’d try at home workouts to ease back into weight training. These books are perfect as they can be done at home or in the gym. I still use them when I’m in a crunch for time and still feel the burn. I’m always recommending these programs.

  15. Aleasha Wiebe

    I love the at home program..been using it for a couple months and have great being able to get fit at home

  16. Jordan G

    I absolutely love the programs! I got the bundle while on sale and could not have been happier with my purchase. I’m terrible at making time for myself and working out, but I always have time for these! Thanks Zoe (:

  17. Viviana Hernandez

    I bought them and I have seen a lot of improvement. I can say that is beyond my expectations. The best when Friend’s and Family can see the difference. Greatful!!

  18. Alison

    Honestly, I’ve never been the type of person who sticks with or even enjoys home workout programs–usually one week and I’m done– but Zoe’s are so easy to follow with simple instructions it was hard not to be successful. The pictures that come along with the exercises are great, they give the the correct form and if you’re not sure of the correct movement just watch the video (easier on a computer) and you’ll have it down. Another thing that was very helpful for me was the workout schedule to tell me exactly what day I should do what muscle group. The programs are simple enough for beginners to follow without failure and once you become more experienced you can add some of your own moves to complicate it up. If you want a workout that you can do at home or the gym just as easily these are the workouts for you.

  19. Alice Von Denes

    Whether you do these at home or take them to the gym, you will be sore either way. I used the 8 lb. dumbbells and I didn’t think I would be sore. I was VERY wrong! Zoe knows what she’s talking about! HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER PROGRAMS!!!!

  20. Samantha

    Love Zoe programs! Great explanations for each exercise and the changes each month keep your body guessing. I have had great success with these programs.

  21. Melissa S.

    I bought all of the home workouts and they are great! Perefect to do at home and all you need are some weights! Easy instructions. Build a Better Booty is my favorite. I have a big booty already but this program is helping tone been and shape my booty. Love the program…definitely reccomend it.

  22. Melissa S.

    This program is fantastic. Easy to do at home with just a few weights. Easy instructions and a great workout. My favorite is Build a Bigger Booty. I already have a big booty but this program is helping with toning and shapping. Awesome program definitely recommend it!

  23. Belle

    I’ve been using this program for a little over a month now, and it’s honestly the best purchase I’ve ever made. Zoe’s programs are so easy to follow, and I don’t ever find myself unmotivated. First full program I’ve ever been able to fully stick to. I even began noticing results by the second week. Not only do I feel a thousand times better, but I look it. Can’t wait to continue with these programs, and see what else Zoe has in store!

  24. Sarah

    Fantastic bundle! It’s hard but in the best way. Every time to do a workout I feel challenged and driven to lift more, and work harder. Best of all, you get to keep it and when you’re done, start over and increase weight! All without needing the gym. I even take some of the workouts and do them at the gym, that is how well planned and thought out Zoe is 🙂

  25. Laura

    I have bought and used the at home workout’s for the last year and a half. Who says you can’t get in insane shape from home? Her at home programs still have me sore evrrytime and I have gained amazing results from them! Thank you!

  26. Charlotte Phillips

    I purchased all 6 workouts in January and it’s the best thing I ever used for working out, does everything for you,as it’s so easy to understand! These programme 100% work wether you do them at home or at the gym, would recommend to anyone looking to make a difference to their whole body!!

  27. Lindsey

    I bought this program on a Black Friday sale, I had been regularly working out in a gym for years, but I decided I could save time and money by working out from home. But, I was apprehensive to make the change; what if I lost progress? What if I really needed all of the fancy gym equipment? What if I couldn’t stay motivated at home? I saw Zoe’s programs and decided the sale was too good to pass up, so I took the plunge. I was not disappointed! There is variety in what I can do with minimal equipment, I can make moves more challenging if I feel like they are not challenging enough, and with a proper diet I have continued seeing progress (diet is key, live by the IIFYM ebook, seriously). Motivation hasn’t been an issue either since you get access to a private group of badass ladies for motivation, to share challenges, ask questions, etc.
    If you think you want to start working out at home, this is a great way to do it for both complete beginners and for those who have been regularly training.

  28. Alexis

    I started following Zoe on Instagram last summer and I am so happy I did! Even before purchasing the programs, I loved Zoe’s positive attitude towards getting fit. Especially the emphasis on “everything in moderation” and the fact that you shouldn’t feel terribly for enjoying yourself on your birthday or notorious food holidays like Thanksgiving.

    I have never been able to stick with a program before trying Zoe’s and I can tell you that it is SO rewarding to work towards the end of one of her ebooks! I am a Canadian customer and I like how I can easily pay with PayPal and have the books in my inbox in minutes. Zoe is super accommodating and the accountability group on Facebook is so supportive! I never thought I was the type to post in Facebook groups like that but I am overwhelmed with how kind and supportive everyone is.

    I started with Build a Better Booty and it has inspired me to really work on all of my muscle groups! I am so happy that I have started the Zbody fitness journey and I have Zoe to thank. I would (and do!) recommend these products to anyone.

  29. Jackie Pena

    I actually have ALL her ebooks. They’re awesome!! I have the home version and I also purchased the gym version too. Maybe it’ll help and give me enough courage to step in to a gym one of these days ?. I’ve done the home for now and really love them.

  30. Laura Krimmel

    I followed Zoe and watched her online tips for a long time before I purchased this bundle. Thank God I finally took the jump! I’m already athletic but the guides and online forums were the extra boost I needed for my confidence in the gym. Now I’m helping other women! Who would have thought. The books and Zoe’s online videos are my go-to for everything fitness. Love!!!

  31. Kukka

    I’m so thankful for Zoe´s programs, without them I’m not sure if I would have gotten my a** back to gear 😀 I had been going to the gym a lot before, but didn’t see much of a change and kept feeling tired all the time. Within few weeks of doing the program and reading Zoe’s flexible dieting book, I could see changes in my body, especially around my butt and had more energy. This is a program you can do over and over again and still keep challenging yourself to the next level.

  32. Nina

    I followed Zoe on Instagram for a few months before buying the bundle package. I figured just like everything else that this would be another progeam I wasted my money on but much to my surprise I was WRONG. I love all the programs and I am HAPPY to say that I’m not even done with the program and I already dropped two pants sizes. I still can’t believe it. My results are amazing and everyone asks what I’ve been doing. It’s a lot of hard work but definitely worth it! Thanks for changing my life Zoe!

  33. natalie dewitt (verified owner)

    Loving your workouts so far!

  34. Jane (verified owner)

    I have been working out consistently for the past 2 years and was really looking for something to challenge me to step up my game! These workouts have been exactly what I was looking for! Not only that, but the online support that zoe and the others using her workouts offer is so encouraging and amazing!

  35. Sally (verified owner)

    It’s WAY different than any other workout I’ve done… it’s not overwhelming and u can do everything at your own pace. Slow and painful but wow does it work!

  36. Emily rounds (verified owner)

    Very easy to follow but super difficult workouts. I’ve already seen some progress! I love them

  37. Brittany (verified owner)

    I love your workouts. I have been using them for almost 1 month now and my husband and I both can tell a huge difference in my toning.

  38. Patricia torres (verified owner)

    When I first bought this I was thinking it wasn’t going to be hard enough because I love intense workouts. When I did legs and booty omg I was so sore for a week but I loved it!

  39. Sachi Tamez (verified owner)

    Love the programs! I have both in home and gym so I can switch it up depending on where I’m exercising.

  40. Keya Bishop (verified owner)

    The at home workout program is amazing!! I love the workout schedule and the moves are easy to do right in the comfort of your home. I recommend this program to everyone!

  41. Alyssa Barnachia (verified owner)

    I love how use friendly these programs are, especially that they can be modified to be done at the gym too for those day I want to up my weights. The ease of following the moves makes me more confident in my abilities that I didn’t have before.

  42. ruby88robles (verified owner)

    It’s been 2 weeks that I started your program and I do see a big difference I can’t wait till the end results

  43. maya (verified owner)

    exercises are super easy to follow. i’m just trying to lose more fat before i start building muscle, so i’m doing more cardio now. once i shed some weight i’ll continue with these exercises to continue toning my body.

  44. Alexandria Medina (verified owner)

    Love her workouts, pushing myself and seeing progress!

  45. Kristy Steffine (verified owner)

    I actually just started it this morning at 5 AM I kept putting it off because I thought it would take a lot of looking over before I could start it but I was so wrong it’s so easy but yet efficient on getting a good w actually just started it this morning at 5 AM I kept putting it off because I thought it would take a lot of looking over before I could start it but I was so wrong it’s so easy to use !!! i’m normally not sore for 24 hours or so afterwards but I’m already sore 12 hours later!! No pain no gain !!

  46. Thais Helena (verified owner)

    I just started but it really feels like you are working out in a gym. I used to do before so I know how my body reacts. I loved it !

  47. Crystal (verified owner)

    The best program ever! She shows you how to properly do ever exersise.

  48. Jenn Loos (verified owner)

    It takes a minute to get into the routine of doing it, but so far I’m loving my results!

  49. Janet (verified owner)

    I love it!

  50. andrea arvidson (verified owner)

    only my first work out today but it kicked my ass. I look forward to getting my strength back and feeling better physically

  51. Christy (verified owner)

    Love these workouts and already feelings difference.

  52. Leah

    I own all of these guides and do them at the gym, nothing has given me the results that these guides have, these guides make me sweat like no other and I’m not much of a sweater. These guides have been a game changer for me!

  53. Courtney

    Absolutely love my at home bundle that i purchased!! They’re great targeted workouts that I can do at my own pace and are amazingly effective at the same time!!

  54. Madelyn (verified owner)

    I haven’t been doing this program more than a few weeks, but I feel the burn and activation of my muscles after every workout, I love it!

  55. Sandra Goranovic

    I bought the home version of all the programs Zoe offers. I love them! The only one I do not do is the chest one. Just a personal preference, that is all. I feel like my legs, my problem area, are getting more toned and that is all I want LOL. My arms and shoulders are stronger as well! Overall, I am excited to see my results after full 3 months.

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