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3 reviews for Chest and Back at Home Program

  1. Alexa Rukstela

    Hi hi! I purchased Zoe’s chest and back program at the gym and not only has it lifted my girls up, it also has improved my strength greatly in the past 6 months. I went from barely being able to push 10lb dumbbells or a 45lb bar to pushing 70 and 30lb dumbbells no problem. It’s well worth the money and it definitely lives up to the expectations Zoe has laid out for herself. Enjoy!

  2. Laura

    Never though it was possible to strengthen my chest and back without all the machines and barbells st the gym. The program requires minimal equipment to get maximum results. I recently caught myself checking out my back muscles while dress shopping! I’ve never been able to get these results before at home! Thank you!

  3. Natasha Chanthavisouk (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this program all with all the other programs! I use the at home programs when I can’t make it to the gym and it works out perfectly!

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