Back and Chest at the gym

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  • Video Demonstrations for every exercise
  • Cues on how to correctly do movements
  • Complimentary Ab Routine
  • Digital Download Access for Phone & Computer
  • Nutrition Tips
  • Supplement Recommendations
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27 reviews for Back and Chest at the gym

  1. Hillary

    Another great program from Zoe. I’ve always been unsure about what exercises to do for Chest/Back, but with this e-book there’s no more wondering! It’s a great feeling knowing what exactly to do when I get to the gym and I love the results I’ve seen!

  2. Megan

    I love Zoes programs. I never got into anything aside from cardio until i purchased her programs. They help alot!

  3. Angelica Buchanan

    I have almost all of Zoe’s programs and this one is my favorite! When I 1st started I knew zero about weight lifting. What I love about this program (and her others) is that it’s simple enough & informative so a beginner can get comfortable with weights but fun & dynamic enough that more experienced lifters can benefit from them. Now that I know more I sometimes try different workouts in the gym but this is always my go to workout for Chest & Back days!

  4. Kaitlin

    I’m on month 2 and for the first time ever, I have noticeable back definition! Great program!

  5. michelle perruso

    I love all your programs! Your back and chest program has really helped me open up towards working with new equipment at the gym and overall enjoying my workouts. I never focused on back and chest much and now that I know what to do, I enjoy it! I feel I really get benefits from you programs! Best investment I have made!

  6. Cora

    Loving the arms and back and chest workout the most, and I see the difference with my before and after picture a lot more for those sections of my body, as for my lower body I’m still having troubles but I won’t stop ! Thanks so much

  7. Jillian

    It’s a great program.

  8. Vanessa

    Thanks for the trainings! I feel amazing and I already see a difference after 2 weeks.

  9. Heidi

    I love this program! I struggled with getting a good workout in these areas before using Zoe’s programs but now Im always sore afterward! The program itself is easy to follow and understand! Anyone can use it!!!

  10. Athina Athanasiadis

    Great overall program.

  11. Alissa Hernandez

    I’ve been using Zoe’s gym programs for about 6 weeks now. They still make me sore. I always tell myself you didn’t work hard enough if you didn’t sweat. I promise you these make you sweat!

  12. Silvia Lopez

    Love it !!!

  13. Lisa Cooley

    Great program, easy to follow

  14. Marie-Édith Fontaine

    I absolutely LOVE the program! I was already going to the gym 5-6x/week before purchasing it, but I never really saw any improvements. I have been doing the program for a month + one week and I can start seeing some definition in my back. I’m totally in LOVE <3

  15. Diana

    You have changed my view on working out – I love the program. Already seeing changes after my first month.

  16. Casey Dixon

    I bought all the programs as a package for the gym. I LOVE your programs. I am an advance lifter so it is hard to find programs that challenge me. The legs and booty ones are my favorite. The only criticism I have for these programs is the bicep, tricep and shoulder portion. I feel shoulders should be done twice a week and there are never enough biceps or triceps. But other than that, your program is awesome!!

  17. Kristi

    Have all the gym programmes and love them all! They push me so much and keep me motivated to get through the weeks and I’m slowly starting to see results after only three weeks!

  18. Alice Bui

    I absolutely love your programs. They help me get in shape faster than I ever expected. Especially BABB and this Back and chest program ( since I love training them the most). I’m now on month 2 of this program and already see definitions on my back. My chest are firmer and perky ( the measurement show no grows but I see differences)
    Thank you so much for creating such great programs!!! I’ll continue training and will keep you updated.

  19. Amy Humphries

    I love going to the gym with a purpose and have seen results within my first 4 weeks! I am excited to start month #2!

  20. Alyssa Giantonio

    Love your programs. Chest and back had muscles on fire I didn’t even know I had. I am an experienced lifter and these were killer. Thank you.

  21. Maria Jose Murillo

    I love Zoe’s Chest and Back gym program. The program is easy to follow and I love that you can download the programs on your phone so that they accessible anywhere and everywhere. I have always been intimidated at the gym but these guides make me feel confident with what I am doing and in turn has really helped get close to my body goals! I am so grateful I came across Zoe’s programs 🙂

  22. Olivia Martin

    I always feel the good kind of sore after chest and back day. I know that I’m really working those muscles and getting an incredible workout. I’m excited to see the results of this program!

  23. Jasmin

    I have only been doing this workout for about two weeks and honestly, its challenging I struggle to finish but I see the difference already. Totally would recommend for anybody. I love that she tells us what to do and also provides video examples. I debated on trying it for a whole year and can’t believe I wasted so much time (:

  24. Crystal

    A while back I gained a lot of weight and for some reason I gained underarm fat and no matter what I did i couldn’t get rid of it. I absolutely love Zoe’s butt workouts and have seen results that I thought I would try her back and chest and I have seen he fat under my underarm going down and my back fat is almost gone. Couldn’t be more happier. Thank you Zoe!!!

  25. Kathya

    I love the chest and back workouts. I can see more definition on my back. Definitely works!

  26. Samantha Salinas

    Thank you Zoe! It’s definitely been a challenge, but it’s been so worth it so far!

  27. Paula

    I love working my back, and the help from this eBook was amazing.
    I do my bench press separately and usually at the beginning of my workout, though.
    I did this program once a week for 3 months and I saw results. Not huge, but I definitely saw a difference and feel stronger. I am now repeating it, and doing it twice a week.
    Definitely worth the purchase!

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