Abs and Core eBook

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  • 4 Week Ab Program that you can add onto any current fitness routine!
  • 12 DIFFERENT Ab Routines to scuplt your midsection
  • Video Demonstrations Included
  • Cues on Proper Form so you know you’re doing exercise correctly
  • Nutrition Tips For a Flat Tummy
  • Supplement Recommendations
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10 reviews for Abs and Core eBook

  1. Aleasha

    Great workouts ! Zoe never disappoints

  2. Aleasha wiebe

    Awesome ab workouts ! Zoe never disappoints. Love it

  3. Viviana Hernandez

    I have struggled with weight through out my life. Since I have started using Zoe products are amazing. They are step by step. Which helps when you have never been working out. And you can do it at home and in the gym. Thankful

  4. Melanie

    Just had my first “Ab Day” with Zoe’s program, and can’t wait to see results! Stomach has always been my problem area and with Zoe’s program I know I can get a thorough ab workout. With different circuits it’s never the same and won’t get boring! This is my 3rd ebook from her! <3

  5. Alma Machado (verified owner)

    I love the workouts. I just don’t know what I’m going to do when I’m done.

  6. Pascale Bertschi (verified owner)

    I love the workouts and i can see a diffrence 🙂

  7. Raelene (verified owner)

    Great program! Great workout! Highly recommend!

  8. Denisse Georgescu (verified owner)

    I have the workout at the gym, better booty at home and lean abs program. I’ve been doing the program for about 3 weeks and am already seeing results! I’ve never been able to stick to programs and this one is so easy to follow; I’m excited to continue seeing results

  9. Seonhoa Laws (verified owner)

    I love your program. Simple and easy to follow, I love the demonstration videos in case I’m not sure how to do a move. Thank you for creating something that fit a working moms schedule.

  10. Amanda Gonzales (verified owner)

    These guides have given me the confidence I needed to enter the weight room. Now I use the guides 3 times per week. I have ALL of Zoe’s guides because yes, they’re that amazing!

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