How Much Does Drinking Water Contribute to Health and Fitness?

Not everyone knows the importance of drinking enough water and the effect it can have on our health, eating habits and weight loss. Did you know that water speeds up your metabolic rate and can help stop overeating?

You always hear people complaining of headaches, feeling tired, poor performance in the gym, not getting enough sleeping and having bad skin. One huge factor of this is due to lack of water in their body. Did you know that we are made of up to 60% water and that’s why it’s very important to stay hydrated so our bodies can function?

I always tell my clients to drink water through their gym sessions as water is needed for good health and a strong performance in the gym or when training anywhere. People don’t realize that we lose water throughout the day and not just from going to the bathroom. We lose water when breathing, sweating, sleep and much more.

We actually lose water even faster when it’s hot or we are physically active so we need to replenish to stay hydrated. What signs do you look out for when you know when to drink water? Here are some basic signals to look out for:

  • Having a dry mouth
  • Getting headaches
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Urine that is darker than usual
  • Poor performance
  • Lack of concentration
  • Bad skin

My advice to everyone is that you should drink water throughout the day and is always going to be the better option than an energy drink at the gym! For more information about guidance on my customized diets then visit my fitness program page. Why not check out some of our other recent blogs on fitness & health topics.

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