Leg day with Back Squats

Yesterday’s leg day with some back squats at 225 lbs 3 sets of 4 ?? if you’re newer to following me, I used to compete in powerlifting for a little under a year and quit last summer just because I didn’t enjoy it anymore.

My numbers were 281 squat, 165 bench, and 353 deadlift ? a lot of people keep asking me if I would ever compete again and the answer will always be NOPE lol I tried it out and just wasn’t my thing and that’s OKAY! But anyway, after I quit last summer, I pretty much stopped lifting heavy at all for a good long while.

I was burnt out, I kinda felt lost and uninspired with fitness and working out in general for a long time. And now I FINALLY feel like I’m getting back into a good groove with working out and eating and gaining some strength. Sometimes you just have off times with fitness and it’s completely normal, we all go through phases like this. If you’re in one of those down phases with your health and fitness, just know that it will come back, be patient ?

I’m still super happy I did the powerlifting back then because it really did teach me that I’m a lot stronger than I think and that’s priceless.

PS I just use the knee sleeves when I’m going heavier!

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