How to Take the Ultimate Workout Selfie!

Rather than rely on the scale or the fit of your skinny jeans, it can actually be much more effective to monitor your weight loss and physical progress through snapping selfies. Taking a workout selfie as a visual for inspiration is essential to capture your results without being discouraged by numbers. Hopping on the scale too often is the #1 reason for losing motivation, usually because hormones and water weight unpredictably fluctuation our weight daily. Using photos allows you to actually see your hard work paying off and decrease the chance of derailing your fitness plan.

Therefore, I suggest that everyone on a get fit journey takes a “before” shot before jumping into your routine, and then get in the habit of taking a selfie a couple times a week maximum. While you probably should not clog your social media accounts daily with selfies, posting them can also provide extrinsic motivation for staying fit long-term and possibly inspire one of your followers! In order to help you get started, below I have included some helpful hints on how you can take the perfect workout selfie to show off your great body progress.

Do a Quick Background Check

No, I am not advising to start digging through your deep and dark secrets here. Before taking your selfies, always remember to do a quick background check by glancing behind you to make sure you have the right backdrop for your picture. Regardless of how amazing your new body is, capturing a busy or messy background will draw the eye and detract from your progress. So, be sure to tidy up a bit and look for a clear background without towers of dirty laundry to guarantee that all eyes are focused on your stunning results.

Choose the Right Lighting

When you are taking a selfie, or any other picture for that matter, it is critical that you have great lighting to accentuate your beauty. There’s no way for you to show off your workout progress in bad lighting because it will be distracting and unflattering, which may discourage you. Taking selfies outside or near a window is the best tactic because the natural light is much more pleasing to the eye than harsh indoor lights. Early morning and late afternoon are typically the best times for lighting to create selfies that seriously shine.

Avoid Your Bad Angles

Even if you haven’t met all of your weight loss or exercise goals, you want to position the camera at the best angle to create the most pleasing look. We all have bad sides, but you can draw less attention to your less flattering qualities with a few camera tricks. Before snapping your workout selfie, take the time to experiment in front of the mirror with different poses to figure out exactly which angles are the most flattering for your features. For instance, shooting your selfie from above will make your face appear slimmer and stick your neck out slightly to avoid the bulge under your chin. Turning one shoulder towards the lens is also important for including your shrinking tummy in the shot too.

Flash a Nice Big Smile

While this may seem like an obvious hint, you’d be surprised how many selfies are floating through cyberspace with pouty and slightly angry looking facial expressions. Don’t take your selfies too seriously; otherwise, you may come across as trying too hard or perhaps not breathing from sucking your stomach in so tightly. Have fun with taking your selfies and let this radiate to your audience by flashing your big beautiful grin. Take the opportunity to show off how happy your improving physique is making you and use this as motivation for the long haul.

Keep It Slow and Steady

We all know the famous saying that “slow and steady wins the race,” but who knew that this can also be applied to taking the perfect workout selfies. When taking a selfie, you cannot rely on someone else with two steady hands to snap the photo. Many selfie-takers make the mistake of continually pushing the capture button, but this typically results in blurry photos and leads to auto focusing on items other than your beautiful body. Therefore, you will need to take it slow and concentrate on the right positioning to take clear non-wobbly photos. Take a deep calming breath, try to relax your features, add in your smile, and hold your pose steady.

Show Off Your Perfect Workout Selfies!

Last but certainly not least, it is time to show off your great progress and hot results by sharing your workout selfies on social media. Reading encouraging comments from your friends and followers is a great way to extrinsically motivate yourself to continue working hard to reach your fitness goals. No matter how many times you watch inspiring videos online or read motivational quotes, there is no better feeling than being able to visually see your progress and know that the results are being noticed.

Also, I would like to invite all of my beautiful followers to submit your perfect workout selfies to this website to further recognize your great accomplishments in shedding pounds and sculptuing your body. Throughout my fitness programs, feel free to send in your before and after pictures to find yourself in the spotlight on my testimonial page. I can’t wait to join in celebrating your amazing transformation!

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