So-called healthy foods you should be avoiding

Sticking to a healthy diet is challenging enough as it is so none of us have time to be fooled by foods that claim to be ‘healthy’ when, in fact, they could be proving counter-productive.

But that’s why I’m here to help. I’ve listed five popular foods that appear healthy on the surface, but aren’t half as nutritious or low in fat or sugar as we may think they are.

Granola bars

The word granola conjures up images of oats, grains, nuts and all things healthy so we are going to assume that granola bars are a great on the go healthy snack. However, the typical granola bar contains an astonishing 12 grams of sugar. This means you might as well be eating a Twix, which has the same calorie and sugar content.

A variety of granola bars

Fruit juice

In terms of sugar content, fruit juice is nearly as bad as fizzy drinks and sodas. For example, 250ml of apple juice typically contains around 110 calories and 26g of sugar, similarly, 250ml of cola contains around 105 calories and 26.5g of sugar, so there really isn’t much difference between the two. However, fruit juices do have higher levels of vitamins and minerals than carbonated sodas and as a result, they can provide some health benefit.

Vegetable chips

Put the word ‘vegetable’ in anything and we naturally think that the product is going to be healthy because fresh vegetables themselves are low in sugar and fat plus full of nutrients.

However, this can’t be said for vegetable chips. They may well be unhealthier than their regular potato counterpart as a third of a bag of vegetable chips is in fact just oil and salt. This skyrockets the fat content of the chips above most other snacks that are considered to be unhealthy such as Mars Bars and Pringles.

Canned soup

While some canned soups can be relatively healthy, most contain high levels of sodium, fat and salt, all of which can lead to high blood pressure. Another common ingredient found in canned soups is BPA, which is plastic from the lining of the can, to avoid this try fresh soup alternatives instead.


Sushi is a popular lunch or dinner option for people who are eating healthy, however, meals involving white rice aren’t exactly the healthiest you can eat. White rice is a high-glycemic food, this causes your blood sugar levels to rise rapidly and fall quickly, leaving you feeling hungry again a lot sooner than if you were to eat a low-glycemic food. While fish is a high protein food and low in fat, the amount of fish in sushi is so small that overall, it doesn’t make sushi the best option for a healthy snack or meal.

Different kinds of sushi

While healthy eating puts you well on your way to achieve the body you want, a combination of healthy eating and exercise is the key to the most effective body transformations. I have programs suited for both those who like to work out at home and those who like to work out at the gym. My clients have seen some incredible transformations. You can check out their testimonials here.

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