Black Friday Deals Are Here

My biggest sale of the year is finally here and I can’t wait for you to get all the savings! All of my fitness ebooks and merchandise are 50% off using coupon code “bf50” at checkout here

You can shop my best selling booty bands, long bands, ankle straps, and more all while saving some cash…these also make a great gift for that fitness friend in your life!

I wanted to give a few fitness ebook recommendations for some common questions I receive..

What are the best ebooks to start off with for beginners who are working out at home?  I would recommend starting with my full body home bundle here (on sale for $35 with coupon code) if you want a well rounded plan that will hit every part of your body, workouts in these programs are only around 45min-60min 5x per week and you can always adjust the schedule. If you would like something similar but for the gym, you can find that in my full body gym bundle here

What if I want to focus on just my lower body and rounding/lifting my glutes? I have plenty of options for those just interested in working their lower body. My best selling Build a Better Booty Program For Home (on sale for $10) is only 2-3 sessions per week around 45 min per workout for you to start seeing some real results! All of my programs have so many reviews from previous clients and their real results you can read through. I also have the build a better booty gym program here

If you have any questions about which program I would recommend please email me and I would be happy to help!

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