About Me

Hi I’m Zoe

My name is Zoe Rodriguez and I am the CEO and founder of ZBody Fitness Inc. I grew up a very active kid. I participated in both karate and ballet growing up and then eventually turned to cross country and track my first year in high school. I ran competitively in both high school and division 1 in college. During this time period in college, I was getting more into my major classes at Florida Atlantic University. I would learn about lifting weights and found it completely fascinating. I always figured it was best to actually go into the gym and learn myself instead of only reading the textbooks. So that is exactly what I did. I fell so much in love with weight lifting that I gave up competitive running entirely, and the rest is history.

I founded ZBody Fitness Inc. in 2013 and have only grown since then. My favorite part is teaching other people how to lift weights and become more confident in themselves and what their bodies are capable of.

I strive to help as many people as I can throughout this journey and I hope that includes you!

If you want to listen to even more about my journey with fitness, watch my detailed youtube video down below to get even more inspired!


Lives changed with ZBody Fitness

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