9 Reasons You Have Time To Workout

We’ve all tried to weasel our way out of exercising by saying that there’s not enough time to workout. Whether you’re actually having a hectic day or you simply want an excuse to avoid feeling guilty about skipping your workout, I have some news for you. You do have the time to work out today and every other day. Whenever you say that you don’t have time for exercise, you’re really saying that you don’t have the willpower to get it done. So, drop your lame time management lies and discover why you always have time when your health is a priority.

1. You Can Wake Up Earlier

Sleep is essential for good overall health, but you can likely spare 30 minutes every night to hit the sheets earlier and wake up before your busy day begins. Exercising in the morning literally gets your day moving. You’ll find that exercise will keep your energy up and regulate your appetite throughout the rest of the day. Don’t wait until after work or the kids go to sleep because you’ll likely be too exhausted. Early risers often have the most regular workout schedules because sweat sessions are checked off early before excuses can come up.

2. Workouts Don’t Need to Be Long

Many people believe that they don’t have time for working out because it takes too long, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Studies have shown that short workouts with high intensity are actually better than longer ones with less effort. Your workout should never be longer than an hour because you’ll likely just go through the motions and waste your precious time. Schedule in consistent short 10- to 20-minute bursts of exercise throughout your day for great results.

3. You Can Cut Down on Media

Even on your busiest days, it’s likely that you devote some time to watching your favorite TV shows and checking your social media pages. If you cut down your screen time, you’ll realize that you suddenly have time to workout. Since you won’t shun the television and Internet for life, become an active participant. You can sit on a stability ball, do jumping jacks during commercials, or use a standing desk to surf the net.

4. It’s Easy to Mix Exercise with Socialization

Do you have plans today to meet a friend for dinner or watch sports with your buds? Then, you have the time to workout if you try. Make your social time with your friends and family members more active by planning activities that get you moving. Plan a gym date with your significant other, go for a family hike through the woods, or play a game of volleyball with your friends. There are endless opportunities for squeezing exercise into your social calendar and maximizing the time in your day.

5. You Commute to Work or School

Unless you work from home, you probably spend at least 20 minutes every day commuting back and forth to your office or school. Therefore, one of the best ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine is through your transportation. Rather than hop in your car, choose to walk or bike to work during nice weather. If you ride the bus, make the effort to walk to a stop that’s a block or two further for extra steps. When you drive, you can also park as far away as possible.

6. Exercise Doesn’t Only Happen in Gyms

While you may not have time daily to devote to the gym, this can’t be an excuse to avoid time to workout altogether. Exercise doesn’t always require fancy equipment. It takes on many different shapes and sizes, many of which can be done right from home or in a nearby park. For instance, you probably leave about 20 minutes a day for chores. Try to do housework as quick-paced as possible and your heart rate will speed up. Even better, throw in some squats and lunges to feel the burn fast.

7. Workouts Boost Your Productivity

Many people make the excuse that they can’t workout because they will be too exhausted to complete the rest of their daily tasks. Again, this is myth that must be resolved. On busy days when you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll find yourself lagging behind and battling against unending yawns. Instead of pouring another cup of coffee, squeeze in a short jog and you’ll receive an instant dose of invigoration. Exercising will actually energize you and improve your productivity to make your most hectic days much easier.

8. Exercising Can Be Fun

Think about your favorite hobby. Do you ever make excuses about not having time to do it? Most likely, your answer is no. You’ll find the time because it brings you enjoyment. Well, exercise can bring you this same amount of pleasure if you choose your activity wisely. Whether it’s dancing, running, yoga, or boxing, pick the physical activity you actually enjoy so that you’ll look forward to your daily exercise break. You can always use extra fun in your busy day.

9. You Can Just Say No!

If you’ve gone through all of the above reasons and still feel there’s no time, you’ve overscheduled your life and are wearing yourself too thin. Take a close look at your daily responsibilities and investigate where you could cut back. For instance, you may have volunteered to bake cookies for a fundraiser or complete an extra project for work. Always remember that it’s okay to say no when needed. While it’s good to have obligations to others, don’t place your health on a back burner. Time to workout should be precious as a way to maintain your fitness and de-stress.


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