6 Week Challenges

Sometimes it can be hard to get motivated, find the right workout and to stay accountable. If you’re someone who needs a boost to get back on a fitness journey, want to change up your workouts or get fit in time for Christmas, this 6-week program is perfect for you. A new challenge starts November 13th! Everything is done online so it is open up internationally and you can receive some great prizes.

Who should do this?
Anyone who is getting ready to jump-start their fitness goals (perfectly timed for Christmas) and anyone wanting to burn fat, lose weight and gain muscle. Participants are recommended to have 3-6 months experience working out, although not compulsory if you are looking to push yourself.

Individuals need to be willing to put time and commitment into working out. There are 5 workouts ranging from 60-90 minutes, each week. The number of participants is capped to ensure you get maximum attention and support, therefore, dedication is key. Although a workout challenge like this provides accountability and some motivation, you should be focused and internally motivated to get as much as you can from it.

What is included in the challenge?
As mentioned, prizes will be available for the three top contestants. To be eligible for the prizes, bi-weekly check-ins with the coach via email, where you will also be asked to provide progress photos. There will also be a tremendous amount of support available from a private Facebook group for challenge participants only, as well as 3 Facebook Live Q&A sessions with coach Zoe.

To ensure everyone performs the exercises correctly, there are video demonstrations provided for every move. It also includes an approved grocery list (diet is essential to getting fit and seeing results), a glute activation guide, Zoe’s Abs Ebook and recommendations for when to implement cardio.

As said, this challenge provides numerous prizes for the top three participants and for everyone who performs the essential tasks. There are some great prizes up for grabs to provide extra encouragement throughout the challenge.

1st Place – $500 cash prize, $100 LuLu Lemon gift card and 50% off entry into the next challenge!
2nd Place – $250 cash prize, $50 LuLu Lemon gift card and 25% off entry into the next challenge!
3rd Place – $100 cash prize, $25 LuLu Lemon gift card and 25% off entry into the next challenge!

For the fantastic price of $180 USD one time only payment, you get a full and comprehensive 6-week guide, to make you fitter than ever. And not to worry, if this isn’t the one for you, or you find this is something you love, a new one also starts on January 1st, 2018 to help you stick to those New Year Goals! Each challenge incorporates completely different training so you can do as many as you want, they won’t be the same. If you want to sign up for any of the current or future challenges, you can sign up on our webpage. Signing up now will also get you a fabulous Mind over Matter tank top for just $20. Also, if you don’t require the more hands-on approach, you can get everything else for just $100. For more information, regarding any equipment or questions visit this page. There is also plenty of reviews so you can see how previous participants have felt.

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