5 Ways To Get Into The Habit Of Exercising

Getting the motivation to workout can be tough. I’m not saying this will make the workout you do any easier, but it will help you get up and get going. Preparation is key if you want to see results, you’ll have no excuse to turn down that workout.

These tips will hopefully help you get into a good routine which will get you closer to reaching your goals!

Don’t Overdo It

When you want to start getting into a fitness routine, it is easy to get over excited and want to run as fast as you can, lift heavy weights and do the most reps. This is likely to end up in an injury which will de-motivate you in the future. Instead, start by running at a moderate pace for your cardio. When you lift weights, make sure you have proper form as this is so much more important than carrying the heaviest dumbbell possible… Mastering all the techniques first will lead you into gradually building up endurance and strength to run faster/further and lifting heavier in no time!

Set Yourself A Goal

Don’t aim for the top as soon as you start getting into a fitness routine. Instead, start by setting yourself smaller goals such as “I want to be able to run for three minutes without stopping” or “I want to be able to squat 30kg.” These goals are achievable with practice and then once you achieve them it will act as more motivation to keep going and progressing to wanting to run for longer or being able to squat 40kg…

Schedule Fitness In Your Diary

You would schedule a meeting, hair appointment or doctor’s appointment in your diary and show up, so why not a workout?
Making sure you carve time out your day for your workout will mean you have no excuses not to show up and get it done. You’ll feel so much better after it too!

Get Your Workout Clothes Out The Night Before

Before you go to bed, put out your workout clothes and trainers, along with a water bottle and a snack, this way as soon as you wake up you can get going and smash your workout for the day! Doing this will energize you and leave you feeling great all day long.

Create A Good Playlist

Create a playlist on your phone full of songs that make you want to move! Having a motivating playlist you want to listen to will help push you further in your workout. Listening to it before you start will also get you in the mood to get working out!

I hope these tips help you to get into a great exercise routine, my new fitness app available for iOS devices can help structure your workouts to make exercising all that much easier whether you want to workout at home or in the gym. It also offers my favorite clean and easy recipes to help make your health and fitness a lifelong habit!

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